Conservation researcher
Ana Rita Patrício

Sea turtles of Varela

Project name

Sea turtles of Varela

Period of project

06/2018 - 05/2019


In northwest of mainland Guinea-Bissau, in the region of Varela, Cacheu, there are important nesting areas mainly used by green turtles, but also by the critically endangered hawksbill turtle. About 25 km of sandy beaches stretch from the mouth of the Cacheu River to the Senegalese border.
Several of these beaches are located on barrier islands. The region is populated by the Felupe/Jola ethnic group. At least some people in this group did not consume turtles, but recent behavioural changes are discontinuing this tradition, requiring an urgent intervention.

Project goals:

  1. Protection of all nesting sea turtles and their clucthes from poaching
  2. Monitoring of sea turtle nesting activities to understand the importance of these nesting sites

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