Conservation researcher
Ana Rita Patrício

Dr Julie Mestre

Dr Julie Mestre, postdoctoral fellow at MARE Marine and Environmental Sciences Centre – ISPA, Instituto Universitário, Portugal.

“I am a postdoctoral researcher specialised in satellite telemetry and stable isotopes. Trained as a marine ecologist with an emphasis on the structure and functioning of marine ecosystems, I investigate the foraging ecology and habitat use of marine megafauna species to improve our knowledge of the ecology of those species and support conservation. I also aim to link species foraging behavior and breeding success in the context of a changing environment.

Presently, my research focuses on the inter-nesting habitat of green turtles in Guinea-Bissau. I am also carrying out a description of the environmental parameters within the foraging habitats of turtles in Guinea-Bissau and Mauritania, aiming to shed light on the processes affecting the nesting rate of this species.”